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A formula to be Rich

It turned out that the brain does not guarantee the ability of people to get rich. The proof many people are smart but a mediocre income, or even the unemployed, while many are also people who do not until graduate school or even never been to school but could be a director or company owner, and certainly have a lot of money. Why is that? Apparently this can be proved by the formula of effort we can in a junior high class first.
The formula of the Work is: W = P x t

Where: W = Work; P = Power; t = time

So: t = W / P

Note: Time is money; knowledge is power
Then the above formula be changed to: Money = Work / Knowledge

Thus conclusions based on the formula above:
-If the same knowledge or constant, the more business will earn more money as well.

-If its constant, then who knows more will get less money, and if his knowledge approaches infinity, the money obtained will be close to zero.

-On the contrary, that knowledge will be much less earn more money, and if the knowledge is close to zero, even if its cuman mrongos thok doang, the money obtained will approach infinity?.

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