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Positive Impact of Cigarette

For some people, there might only have negative impacts. However, smoking is also useful, these are:

1. Cigarette keep us from evil deeds, because the fact is no one is killing, stealing, or fighting while smoking.

2. Consuming cigarettes reduces the risk of death. In fact, there is no news about people died in a smoking position.

3. Cigarettes also increase pushes events and familiarity. For example, to initiate the conversation, someone usually offer a cigarette to anybody else. Just imagine, it's replaced with money, certainly it's not nice for you definitely. it can make you miserable ..

4. Cigarettes provide employment opportunities for many stakeholders, including: Employment in cigarette manufacturing, doctors, street peddlers, coughing drug manufacturers, and creator of the ashtray.

5. Cigarettes can be used as helper for people who are allergic to perfumes. Just smoke in the room, its smell definitely turns into tobacco aroma.

6. Cigarettes can also help government programs, namely "Family planning" (2 children are enough), because smoking can cause impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus.

7. According to the asylum doctor, cigarettes could be used as an indicator of health. At the time of patient illness, patients are prohibited from smoking. So, when the patient is allowed to smoke, that means the person had a healthy..

Facts : People who die from smoking is just about 30%, the rest 70% is not because of smoking.
So, who died of smoking less than non-smokers.

PS: Those all are just kidding. I AM NOT a smoker. Just to remind you, stop smoking, it was not good. :)

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